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Important: You are purchasing the agency account that allow you to re-brand our service and create subaccounts that you can re-sell to your clients.
Instead, If you will use Emojics for personal use or for your business you need to register for the standard accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Attract new clients and generate more revenue for your agency with a fully customizable online feedback tool under your own brand.

Can I customize the domain?

You can connect your custom domain using CNAME which lets you handle everything from your own domain (such as email, servers, notifications, etc.) Read this short tutorial: Configuring A Custom Domain For Your Agency Account

Can I customize the dashboard?

Emojics lets you change the color scheme and theme of the tool. You can make its color scheme consistent with your brand

Can I use the Shopify and WordPress plugin with the agency account?

We have disabled the Shopify and WordPress plugins for the agency account because we cannot hide the Emojics brand. But you can install the Emojics widget on both Shopify and WordPress manually by adding the snippet in the HTML code of your customers’ sites.

Can I add my agency logo?

Yes of course, you can easily add your logo! Emojics provides you with a lot of rebranding features that will let you completely customize it based on your agency preferences. You can sell it to your clients as your own tool without they getting a hint of it being a white label tool.

Can I create sub-accounts?

You can create sub-accounts for your own agency. Futhermore you can allocate any number of sites and reaction buttons to each sub-account to meet your agency requirements.

Is the email widget included in the agency account?

The email widget is not yet included in the agency account. It will be soon. You can still use the email widget for your personal account.

"Emojics is an amazing tool! Our clients love to collect feedback using emoji feedback, emojis are the best way to know their users feelings. The White Label is really complete and ready to use."

– Founder of Growth Hacking NY

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